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best short games nintendo switch

The best short game on the Nintendo Switch

As you get older, you appreciate being able to sit down with a game and finish it in a weekend. Long, 40-hour plus adventures can be so much fun, there is no longer time for all of us to dedicate to those games. Instead, you may need a plate cleaner. Fortunately, consoles like the Nintendo Switch are packed to the brim with the best indie adventures you can explode in a weekend.

If you are looking for something sweet and short on the switch, check out these games, all of which are under the 10 hour mark.


Image: Tourist

Tourist It is an island-jumping adventure full of mysteries to do and tasks to solve. Everything will be bright and shiny in the inverted world The Tourist, There is a whole world beneath the happy, fun islands where secrets and Leviathan lurk. The game is halfway between a puzzle and an RPG, with plenty to keep fans of both genres happy.

It may seem beautiful, but this adventure hides many secrets. Enter if you dare.


The best short games at Switch Bikini
Image: Developer Digital

Bikuniku It is a beautiful adventure starring a red bulb that explores the sins of capitalism and the impact of over-farming on agriculture. Or is it a beautiful platform filled with activities, adorable creatures and hats. It’s both, really – but it has a sense of fun and excitement, and it’s easy to forget what a powerful message the game has.

When you go to flower fields, tunnels and tree tops, you will face big questions about resource management and picking flowers. It’s a meaningful story, but it’s also a lot of fun. Go inside Bikuniku If you are looking for some funny, well-meaning humor and a hint of existential fear.

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Paradise Killer

Heaven Killer Game
Picture: Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer A murder-mystery that takes place in a vast open world. Everyone in this game has secrets, and their secrets have secrets too. It is your job as a detective Lady Love Dice to determine who the mystery magician killer is, who their allies are, and how all the pieces fit in Island Row 24.

This game is epic story, fantastic dialogue and things to do when you explore the island. When liking games Arkham Asylum Let you take the reign of the “greatest detective in the world” Paradise Killer It really gets the investigation formula. This is the game you want to swallow at once.

good job!

The best short switch games that work well
Picture: Good work

good job! A bad puzzle game, where you try to solve challenges in the office, by throwing things, by pouring water, by throwing objects and by pulling things. At each level of this game, you are assigned a specific (usually different) task and pushed to the depths of solving it. You will not receive much instruction, so you will need to use your creativity and skills to accomplish your task.

Each level is a total success because you get an damage bill incredibly fast and then you have to try and clean up the mess you caused. In short, it’s confusing – and the perfect replica of office life.

Verlet Swing

Verlet Swing Pizza Best Short Switch Games
Picture: Verlet Swing

If you loved playing Spider man, You will like Verlet Swing. It is difficult to describe the genre of this game. It’s a mess at its heart, but show the dynamics.

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To start each round, you will be placed on a surrealist landscape filled with pizzas, dolphins and random objects. Your job is to cross these objects and hit the goal post at the end of the level. You can adjust your swing as needed, but your speed takes you all the way, so make sure you dance all the right places and do not hit anything. It’s a big challenge, but it’s a lot of fun. There is nothing like playing through dozens of pizzas.


The best best short switch games
Picture: Steam

Superliminal Mind-blowing puzzle game, Perspective will open hidden secrets, new paths and Easter eggs. The concept is simple: looking at things from a distance makes them smaller, while moving them closer makes them bigger. You have to master this mechanic to build your way Superliminal It will be very satisfying if you finally figure out how to solve and progress your next puzzle.

This is a very self-contained little adventure, but well worth the trip. Superliminal Has a truly unique approach to adventure-puzzles and has a lot to discover in your journey.

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game Best Short Game Switch
Picture: Untitled Goose Game

At this point, Untitled Goose Game No introduction required. In this game, you play as a vicious duck that wreaks havoc in an English village. You need to avoid getting caught, complete the list of worst obstacles and travel through each of the planned stages of the game.

This is not a particularly deep game and you can zoom in on it in about two hours, which is still a great adventure filled with plenty of crazy Hanking and Shenanigans. Untitled Goose Game The joy you should experience at least once.

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Baba is you

Baba is the best short game switch for you
Picture: Baba is you

Baba is you A puzzle game that includes a brilliant word game. Basically, the game takes place in the room where the words form the rules. Pushing these words together can break or change the rules. There are simple facts Baba is you, For example: “Baba you” means you are Baba. In the puzzle above, the rules are also pronounced “Baba is Wall”, so the wall is Baba too.

But if you can move the blocks and catch the flag to pronounce “flag win”, you will win the game. It’s complicated, but a great mess for a sober weekend. If you like your sudoku or crossword puzzles, this is the game for you.

What short Nintendo Switch games have you been enjoying lately? Find out the comments below and share them with your fellow Quota Australia readers.