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Jelly Brake Deluxe – now available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam

Beautiful jellies, colorful worlds and hours of cooperative fun: it promises a unique startup friendly cooperative platform Jelly Break Deluxe. Gel and Lee’s Adventures are now available digitally for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch EUR 19.99 and Steam 16.79 for PC. As a group, players beat jump passages, fight with villains, and lie down with the main villain. Evil bubble Recover kidnapped jellies. At the release, Berlin Indie Development Studio Bitrockers Games fulfills a truly heartfelt wish: Jelly Break Deluxe Appears at home to all consoles and PCs with new graphics, levels and features. Everyone who buys the original Switch version can subscribe for free Jelly Break Deluxe Update *.

At 16 different levels you pass through the jungle, a mysterious laboratory, above the clouds and deep into the volcano. Various new paths and challenges can be found everywhere – clear communication, concentration and good timing are always essential because only one can master the jump passages and save all the jellyfish. At the end of each level is a special highlight of the different boss fights, in which players must come up with a common strategy to win.

Despite the challenging passages even for experienced players, the Pitrockers Games focused specifically on start-up: Jelly Break Deluxe Even inexperienced players can learn very quickly. PC users can use the remote play function via Steam and invite a friend to play the game even if they do not own it.

Key Features:

  • A funny story about saving jelly
  • Fun bed-cooperative operating system in a 3D comic look
  • 16 unique levels in six worlds lovingly designed
  • Six challenging boss fights
  • Single player campaign and local co-op system for two players
  • Achievements
  • Higher replay value by changing alternate paths and team members
  • Remote play via steam
  • Free update * Jelly Break Deluxe For owners Jelly Break On the Nintendo Switch

* Savings may change when upgrading from Jelly Break On Jelly Break Deluxe Can’t switch to Nintendo Switch.

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