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Throne and Liberty – First Impression Overview


In the constantly evolving realm of video gaming, few titles manage to capture attention of players quite like “Throne and Liberty.” As the latest entrant in the MMORPG genre, this game promises a blend of thrilling narratives, groundbreaking graphics, and gameplay mechanics that challenge even the most seasoned gamers. But does it live up to the hype?

In this first impression overview, we’ll delve deep into the world of “Throne and Liberty,” exploring its initial offerings, standout features, and the immersive experience it promises. Whether you’re a curious onlooker or a dedicated gamer eager for your next adventure, join us as we embark on this virtual journey of discovery.

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Character customization

In the realm of MMORPGs, character customization plays a pivotal role in enhancing player immersion and personal connection to the game. “Throne and Liberty” is no exception, offering a unique and innovative approach to character creation.

  1. Human-centric Customization: “Throne and Liberty” restricts character customization to the only race available: humans. This limitation, however, is balanced by the depth of customization options available to players.
  2. AI-Driven Customization: One of the features of “Throne and Liberty” that stands out is its utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the character creation process. Players have the option to upload a real image, such as a photo of themselves or anyone they choose.

The game’s AI customization tool then processes this image and creates a character based on the uploaded picture. This innovative approach allows players to see a virtual representation of themselves or their loved ones in the game world.

  1. Detailed Character Creator: The character creator tool in “Throne & Liberty” is renowned for its intricate details. It empowers players to design a vast array of unique physical appearances, ensuring that each character is unique in the game world.
  2. Post-Creation Modifications: Flexibility is a key component of “Throne and Liberty.” Players are not bound by their initial character design choices. As they progress in the game, they have the freedom to modify and personalize their character, ensuring that their avatar evolves alongside their journey.
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No class system

In the vast majority of MMORPGs, predefined classes are a foundational element. Players typically select their class during the character creation phase, and once chosen, it’s a permanent decision. This rigidity often leads to players restarting the game with a new character if they discover a preference for a different class later on.

While predefined classes can make combat more predictable and easier for developers to balance, they’ve been a staple of the genre since the early days of RPG games.

NCSoft, the developer behind Throne and Liberty, is challenging this age-old convention. In their new game, there will be no classes. Instead, a player’s abilities and roles will be determined by the weapons they equip.

Players can equip two weapons at a time and switch between them freely. This system bears some resemblance to the one in New World or Elder Scrolls Online. Just like New World, the player’s weapons defines the role and playstyle, being able to quickly swap weapons and roles.

The flexibility this system offers could revolutionize player immersion. Without the need to switch characters for specific class abilities during raids, dungeons, or events, players can remain deeply connected to their original character.

If NCSoft successfully implements this system in a polished manner, Throne and Liberty might pose a significant challenge to the conventional class system in MMORPGs.

Auto-farm and Offline farming

In Throne and Liberty, the Astral Hunting feature lets players engage in “auto-combat,” where they can watch their characters battle foes without any input. More intriguingly, the game permits auto-combat even when players are offline, for up to 8 hours daily. This offline combat is accessible through the purchase of a battle pass.

While some might argue that this system is neither unfair nor pay-to-win, as it merely saves time, it’s hard to deny that Astral Hunting challenges the core principles of the MMORPG experience. However, after facing a huge backlash from the players interested in the game, the Astral Hunting concept has been removed for the time being.

Large scale and small scale PvP

In Throne and Liberty, the PvP experience is divided into large-scale and small-scale battles, each offering a unique experience to the players. Let’s delve into the details of both.

Large-Scale PvP

  1. Massive Battles: One of the hallmarks of Throne and Liberty is its ability to support up to 300 players fighting in a single large-scale battle. This means that players can engage in epic wars, where strategy, teamwork, and coordination are vital for victory.
  2. Castle Sieges: The closed beta gameplay footage revealed large-scale PvP castle sieges. These sieges allow guilds or groups of players to lay siege to enemy castles, employing various siege weapons and tactics to breach the defenses and claim the castle for themselves.
  3. PvPvE Mechanics: The game boasts a “Massive Scale PvPvE” system. This means that while players are battling each other, they might also face environmental challenges or AI-controlled enemies, adding another layer of complexity to the battles.

Small-Scale PvP

  1. High Skill-Based Combat: While large-scale battles are about numbers and strategy, small-scale PvP in Throne and Liberty emphasizes individual skill. Players can engage in duels or small skirmishes, where the mastery of their character and quick reflexes can turn the tide of battle.
  2. Hybrid MMO Mechanics: Some discussions in the MMORPG community suggest that Throne and Liberty offers a blend of action-based high skill melee combat, which is more prevalent in small-scale PvP scenarios. This allows players who prefer a more intimate and direct combat experience to thrive.
  3. Dynamic Environment: The game’s environment is always changing, which means that players need to be adaptable. Whether it’s a sudden change in weather or the time of day, these environmental factors can play a crucial role in small-scale PvP encounters.
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Weapon skills and mastery

Unlike many MMORPG games, like New World, where you simply unlock a skill and you are done, Throne and Liberty provides a Skill leveling system. The skills can be upgraded from Uncommon to Rare, Epic, and Legendary, using Skill Growth Schema’s, which can be crafted.

Upgrading the skills is not that simple, every schema the player uses has a percentage, from 10 to 40%, to upgrade the skill by 30 to 80 points out of the 100 total. This skill leveling system might seem complicated and exaggerated, but the extra power they provide will surely make it all worth it.

Weapon Mastery is another system that offers the player a huge power spike, being divided in 3 distinct trees of mastery effects and mastery skills that can be unlocked over time by simply using the weapon.

Gear progression

Similar to any other MMORPG, the gear can be acquired in 2 main ways: getting it as a drop/reward or crafting it. Throne and Liberty has a very intricate crafting system, splitting the gear in 4 rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Aside from the rarities, the gear can also be leveled using Armor Growth Stones, slowly unlocking traits. This will surely make the game more grindy, but also more rewarding once you have upgraded all your armor pieces and receive a huge power spike.

Final thoughts

Seeing all the changes made by the developers, we can surely say that Throne and Liberty will make a huge impact upon release, somewhere in 2024, and captivate a huge audience of members. We can’t wait to meet you guys in-game!