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Backbone: The Pet Detective Adventure launches next month on the Nintendo Switch – ntower

That was four years ago Spine Was delivered for the first time by Kickstarter and was able to easily import its planned financial target. Animal Detective Adventure has already been released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Now the promise Nintendo Switch– Perception of the topic to be retrieved. In the coming month, On February 9th, The long-awaited project is finally entering the county Nintendo eShop. It is not yet clear whether the date will apply to the planned business version as well.

The backbone takes you to distant Vancouver, which is full of anthropological animals. In Canadian City, you’ve been involved in a private detective mission with Raccoon Howard Lotter, and you will soon encounter the biggest thing that has ever happened in your career. The dystopian sports world draws its greatest inspiration from the works of David Lynch and Charlie Kaufman. In search of the truth, you wander around the different districts of the metropolis, having tons of conversations with other characters and establishing relationships with them. Visually, the backbone comes in an elaborate pixel gown with multiple visual effects, combined with a jazzy soundtrack to create an atmospheric overall image.

Will you give the spine a chance?

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