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PlayStation Evo buys fighting game championship series, announces 2021 event dates, Nintendo Comments

PlayStation Evo buys fighting game championship series, announces 2021 event dates, Nintendo Comments

Nintendo has released a statement regarding Sony’s acquisition of the Evolution Championship Series. “Nintendo has been enjoying interacting with fans at previous Evo tournaments and wishes the event organizers the best for their new project. We will continue to evaluate Evo and other opportunities as we plan future Super Smash Brothers competition activities online and offline.” Nintendo Spokesman

The original story follows.

Sony has announced the acquisition of the Evolution Championship series, also known as the Evo, the world’s largest fighting competition.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and RDS, Endowment’s eSports project, have acquired the origins and characteristics of the Evo series.

Evo founders Tony and Tom Cannon will be the primary consultants at Evo, with Sony having the opportunity to announce 2021 dates for the Evo Online.This year’s Evo event will take place digitally from August 6th to 8th, followed by August 13th to 15th. Events include Deccan 7, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, Death Combat 11 Ultimate and Guild Gear – Strive -. Details of those eligible will be shared online in the coming weeks.

As for other games. Evo developer Mark Giulio says, “Evo is still open to all platforms” and allows the PlayStation and RTS team to integrate Julio with their community. While this may not really be the case when it comes to games from proprietary developers like Super Smash Brothers, Nintendo will be appearing at future events.

“Today we are pleased to announce the next chapter in the history of the PlayStation and Evo, which is the largest and longest running fight in the world,” says Sony. Post to blog Explain the acquisition process.

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“As far as the PlayStation is concerned, today’s announcement marks a fantastic step in our journey to stimulate the growth of the game and support the gaming community and a large number of competing gamers on our consoles,” says the PlayStation. “Fighting games are very popular on PlayStation consoles. By 2020 alone, players will have entered 1.1 billion hours of games.”

Sony says it will break down barriers for players to compete at all levels of the game and reaffirm its commitment to creating a “safe and inclusive environment for players”. PlayStation is connected Evo News Learn about promoting a safer community.The 2020 Evo Online event was canceled following allegations of abuse against Evo organizer Joey Kuller. Netherrealm and Capcom 2020 withdrew in solidarity with members of the fighting sports community who spoke out against the abuse. It was part of a larger scandal that threatened to engulf the entire community.

Sony’s official commitment represents strong regulatory support for creating a safe environment for players and participants.

MatiM Kim and IGN News Editor.