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Zurcher Oberland Median launches new e-paper application

Zurcher Oberland Median launches new e-paper application

Dear readers

Our developers have been active in e-paper offer for the last few months. As of today, all of our newspapers will finally appear digitally with a clear layout, better menu navigation and faster loading times. See for yourself!

Not only do e-papers look new on your computer, you can now find “Anzeiger von Uster”, “Zürcher Oberländer” and our weekly newspapers and accessories in your own “ZO E-Paper” app. This not only gives you quick access to all the news coming from the region, but also enhances your reading pleasure for simple and intuitive handling.

SO e-paper

The e-paper application can be downloaded here: OKS. / For Android

Here you can go directly to the new ones SO e-paper

Additional information on our ZO e-Documents is available at: 044 933 32 05

New digital admission subscriptions

At the same time as the new e-paper application, we are also updating our subscription offers. In the future you can choose from three different subscription combinations. Discover more digitally based on your personal preferences only in “” or choose subscription and offer with access to an e-paper of your choice or deliver one of our printed daily newspapers to your mailbox every morning.


All information about our new subscription offers can be found here: Apo-shop

As you may have already noticed: with the introduction of the new e-paper application, the previous “Seriost” application has disappeared. You can still see all the news from the Zurich Oberland, Glad and Dustel Valley – in the mobile version – via the web browser. There you can create an app and be notified with a single click.

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Stay informed – enjoy further reading.