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Discovered the Easter egg attached to an iconic scene from the first chapter

Discovered the Easter egg attached to an iconic scene from the first chapter

In addition to monitoring Ellie’s new exciting animations on battle, Who are the players Continue to explore the world of The Lost of S Part II to date They found another little secret that the developers of Naughty Dog wanted to add to their latest endeavor [Potrebbero essere presenti spoiler].

Users discuss Reddit a Fresh Easter eggs The Lost of S Part II was not realized by many during their game. As you can see at the bottom of the message thanks to the image we reported, during the campaign dedicated to Abby, we see a mural that reminds you of something very specific to those you encountered Joel and Ellie’s journey through the first episode of the well-known PlayStation franchise.

Art drawing is really one A clear note of one of the best scenes of the first The Lost of Es, During which little Ellie is stunned by the appearance of some giraffe, which clears the post-apocalyptic Seattle. That’s one Breathing and humane moment for the two characters, As well as for the player who can enjoy the beauty and serenity of the scene for a few minutes in a dramatic setting like The Last of S. Have you ever noticed this note from the first episode of the series?

Naughty dog ​​developers recently returned to discuss The Lost of S Part II, which revealed an interesting background: The doors proved to be a real pain in the ass Throughout the development of the game. If you would like to learn more about the exclusive PlayStation, we will let you know Review of our last part II.

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