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Hawaii wants its revenge for 5G patent royalties

Hawaii wants its revenge for 5G patent royalties

Filippo Morgante

The Venteta A food to be served cold, e Huawei He knows. After various events (following a ban) saw a Chinese manufacturer in the center of one Dispute With US Government, Now it wants to take him Revenge Ann Competitors Thanks 5G patent.

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Huawei In fact it is not just a smartphone manufacturer, it has what it takes Largest set of 5G patents, Now he begins to do Money With these. As announced Bloomberg, Hawaii will actually start a series Interviews With Apple e Samsung For related negotiations Royalty For the use of intellectual property.

Apple There’s a lot of it in this place Sensitivity, As in the former Legal battles with Qualcomm, Which, according to Cupertino, was unjustly paying higher rates for fixed and essential patents. Huawei He says he still wants to charge Low rates Such as for its patents compared to other competitors Qualcomm e Nokia.

Via: 9to5mac

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