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You no longer need to subscribe to YouTube Music to remove ads

You no longer need to subscribe to YouTube Music to remove ads

Google Introduces YouTube Premium Lite as a way to remove ads from YouTube without using any third party services.

Logo YouTube Premium

Logo YouTube Premium // Source: Frontroid

In 2018, Google introduced two new subscription services in France: YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium. The first allows access Streaming Musical Service, Secondly includes additional features on YouTube, as well as deleting all ads on both sites.

Today, a third subscription is being tested to remove ads from YouTube, without offering any other offers.

This is YouTube Premium Lite

By wanting to opt out of the YouTube premium, a member of the Restora forum was offered a cheap premium lite subscription. For 99 6.99 per month (compared to 11. 11.99 for the YouTube premium), this subscription allows you to watch YouTube without ads.

Since then, Google has confirmed this information to the American media outlet The Verge. This offer is currently being tested in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. This subscription obviously works on all platforms like browser, iOS and Android smartphone, TV. YouTube Kids usage has also been affected.

The most anticipated package … especially on the iPhone

This cheap subscription does not cover all aspects of YouTube Premium. Many people who have a Spotify, Teaser or Apple Music subscription prefer to remove ads from the video site without being interested in other YouTube premium services. So this Light package is specifically targeted at them.

This is very interesting for iPhone users Enjoy Pixar-in-Pixar without subscribing to YouTube Premium (At least in the United States). Ultimately, all they need to do is download the videos and access YouTube Music with this offer.

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