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Mysterious Blue Box application postponed, new activation date -

Dropped by Silent Hill –

The “abandoned case” is coming to an end, but it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Rumors are starting to spread again these days, and now, a Leak from an interview. Going straight to the point, what can we say Abandoned is not a quiet mountain.

But let’s start from the beginning. Part of what was allegedly spread online by Reddit Intervista Advertising Hassan Kahraman, Head of the Blue Box Game Studio, has been linked to the Abandoned. Some of Kahraman’s words prompted players to think that there was (probably) a collaborative relationship between Blue Box and Konami leading to the Blue Box to get the Silent Hill IP. However, a strong statement misrepresented.

In the comments, in fact, a user appeared Interviewer Speaking to Hassan Kahraman of Blue Box Game Studio. The interviewer demanded that the leak be removed (which he received), claiming that Sub-Reddit could prove his identity to the appraisers. The interviewer said that Kahraman’s words were misrepresented outside the context. Finally, he said: “Abandoned will not be Silent Hill. I know for sure that sharing this information will damage the team’s real game.”

Apparently We can not confirm The user in question is actually the interviewer, although his desire to confirm his identity and the removal of the leak appear to suggest it. For now, these are just rumors, so we have to deal with them. Hopefully the abandoned ones will come out soon.

According to fans, in any case, the name of the abandoned one was recommended by Metal Gear Solid 5.

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