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Man struck by electricity from controller: Lightning storm occurred

Man struck by electricity from controller: Lightning storm occurred

Even innocent video games are plagued by ridiculous stories involving themselves. And, thankfully, they happen with a happy ending like what happened last Saturday in Tennessee in the United States.

Some of them you will still remember: If some people fool around here and there while playing now Pokemon Co. Almost no news, the guy who decided to create his own personal vault Fall (!), But saved by man Senior scrolls His next-door neighbor decided to shoot him in the wall.

Playing during thunderstorms leads a player to an unfortunate chapter

This time the news comes from the newspaper WKRN And re-launched by site colleagues கோடகு, From which we learn about the unfortunate chapter involving a player.

When a severe storm blew outside his home, the man decided to have fun at his favorite video games and stay safe in his home.

However, when lightning struck a short distance from his home, the electricity bill was also sent to his video game console and passed via cable Controller The player was holding his hand, Causing a shock.

Fortunately, the victim was electrocuted, but not seriously, and called for help after the episode. Thus, said Redeemer Josh Rice Message 2 Should have responded “At 9.15pm, at the call of a man, on Saturday night, there was a power outage in Greenbury and when the staff arrived they checked that the house was not attacked depending on the nearby areas. Electric shock by cam controller.

Not lucky among gamers, let’s put it this way

Rescuers still say he is an unfortunate player Is good No side effects reported after bad episode: “We wanted to make sure he was well.” Medical assistants pointed out that the person had no signs of injury from the trauma he experienced, beyond feeling the discharge on his hands. Fortunately, he did not need hospital transport.

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Last year Something similar happened to an athlete Rocket League During a game, he experienced a shock through the controller. In that case the video game activist came out almost unscathed, There was a burn on his hands.

Obviously, in short, non-wired control is an added plus, in addition to the convenience of not being blocked by wires: during thunderstorms, you don’t have to worry about nearby lightning storms.

If you want to choose your next control, check whether it is wired or not Offers at special prices you can find on Amazon.