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Windows 11 Ralentit Les Processeurs Amd Jusqu'à 15 %, Corrige

You can now download the AMD link for Windows 11 Performance Errors; Microsoft Patch is also coming

In a nutshell: There is a good reason why Windows 11 is being released in stages: Microsoft’s new operating system still has a number of issues that need to be resolved before they can be widely available. For AMD users, Microsoft and AMD now have official fixes for some known issues that have caused performance issues with the recently released AMD processors.

Windows 11 got off to a dramatic start, but Microsoft and its hardware partners quickly worked on fixing the biggest issues with the release version. For those with an AMD-based system, this includes a setback of up to 15% performance lag for Raison processors in some e-sports games and 3-5% errors in many applications. Although it fixed some issues that were known in the original version of Windows 11, the problem was further aggravated by the first patch Tuesday update.

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Last week, Microsoft began testing a solution to a problem that led to increased L3 cache delays and reduced copy performance. Official Hotfix (KB 5006476) will soon be available for Windows 11 users, and will fix this particular issue, affecting sound, Bluetooth connections, application release times, Windows search, and more.

The second problem was caused by a malfunction of the Combined Power and Performance Control 2 (UEFI CPPC) driver. This feature did not work as expected for processors with eight or more cores and DTP above 65 watts, so most gaming PCs with Raison processors were affected. Today, AMD has confirmed to that a link is now available to all Windows users who use the Raison, Epic or Thread Tripper processor.

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It should be noted that issues arise when Intel prepares to launch its 12th General Alter Lake processors, most leaks indicate that the Raison 5000 series processors are compatible or outperforming in terms of performance. AMD and Microsoft have made promises to get updates by the end of the month, which will make life easier for AMD users who want to upgrade to Windows 11 and especially those who have already jumped.