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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – The Definitive Edition – Provides more details about endowing boarding

Already in operation 11. November Because it is time, then Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition For that Nintendo Switch, But appears digitally on all other sites, and will be available as a game on December 7th Physics version Published. Shortly after the release date was announced (We reported), Additional information about the remaster has been announced. In this message we will inform you about the new features of the game.

Studio Grove street games Played a key role in porting the original trilogy, which was not a studio unknown to Rockstar Games. In the past, they have shipped many Grand Theft Auto games not only to mobile devices but also to consoles. However, no project like Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has ever been involved in such a big endeavor. Unlike previous ports, many features of the original games have been fundamentally revised. Let’s go through this step by step.


In today’s view, there are still plenty of places to improve the control of the original games, so players stared at control of the latest Grand Theft Auto game during boarding. The rearrangement of the three original games will thus bring revised and improved control. Controllers control the game just like that Grand Theft Auto Vs.. In addition to advanced target dynamics, advanced selection of weapons and radio stations is also implemented, such as Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, which take place via a selection wheel. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Drive-Pi controls updated. Other than that, the mini maps have been properly edited and added a Way Point function and a navigation function.

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Nintendo Switch Exclusive Features

Unlike other sites where the trilogy will appear in November, the Nintendo Switch has a touchscreen. In the trilogy you have something exclusive to the Nintendo Switch Touch screen support Included. So you can change the menus on the touch screen and camera zoom and camera banning is possible with your finger. Apart from this, the Motion sensor Joy-con is used to activate the free target.

However, logically, the Nintendo Switch does not support 4K functionality, which is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and Nvidia DLSS support is also PC-exclusive.

Graphic correction

If you watched yesterday’s trailer, you may have noticed that the graphics are properly polished, but you still want to keep the original look of the games. Rockstar Games reports a completely redesigned one Lighting system, Which includes shadow, weather and water effects and reflections. Characterization and vehicle models have been completely revised to provide greater clarity for systems for buildings, weapons, streets, interiors and more. The plants were also modified, the surfaces were smoothed better and the visibility was significantly increased, thus shining the world with new depth and clarity. For these innovations, there is the boarding studio Grove Street Games Unreal machine Used.

You can find more information about the game and many more pictures here Official website In connection with.

Will you buy the game when the digital or retail version is released?

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