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FIFA vs FIFA – Post

EA Sports, the sports arm of electronic arts, one of the world’s largest video game developers, plans to change its name to FIFA, the most successful title in nearly thirty years. The name of the video game was originally given by FIFA, the governing body of world football, but the current ten-year agreement between the parties expires next year.

According to which Report From recently New York Times, From the next deal, FIFA wants to double the $ 150 million paid by EA Sports each year so the video game can be called this way, so link it with the most popular brand in world football. Following FIFA’s demands, EA Sports will change its name and consider becoming independent.

The purpose was vaguely expected In a statement Last October 7, the company explained that it had “reviewed the naming rights agreement with FIFA, which is different from all other partnerships and the official licenses of the game”.

The agreement between EA Sports and FIFA has been in force since 1993 and is renewed from time to time. Over the past 28 years, every version of the video game has been sold as FIFA, and is considered a factor in the global and ten-year success story, showing no signs of declining: more than 31 million people around the world have played the final version. Already released on October 1st, 9 million people have played the last. Since 1993, the total sales of video games have exceeded $ 20 billion.

FIFA initially sold its brand to EA Sport because at the time, in the 1990s, it was underestimating the commercial value that football video games could bring to the consoles. Over the years, however, he realized he had it in his hands and got the best deals, up to $ 150 million a year under the latest deal.

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According to the business newspaper BloombergEA Sports does not exclude public decision on cooperation, Really looking To take a strong position in negotiations. Because it may even be without system. While the benefits to the video game from the FIFA brand are truly undeniable, it guarantees the use of unique names and original names of teams, players and leagues that actually affect the public selection and sales volumes. They have nothing to do with FIFA.

Always second BloombergThe result of the collaboration will do further damage to FIFA, which requires nothing to be in the game and only brings benefits in terms of economy and image, it has not gained much popularity in historical times. Infamous proposals.

Also, if FIFA wants to be in the world of video games, there is no alternative to EA Sports. FIFA’s last rival, or the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series created by Japanese Konami, has not been able to withstand the competition of recent years, and is no longer. Since this year, PES has been in eFootball format, a free video game with only the release version spoken Total errors That includes.

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