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You can now download and view high resolution images

You can now download and view high resolution images

A few weeks ago, we told you how to view images in high resolution, without compression on iOS. Although somewhat obscure, Twitter has potential Download 4K images, Which allows you to view photos with absolute clarity, without the aggressive summary that Twitter fits when viewing images in chronological order.

This feature has long been available on iOS, with no trace of it on Android. Finally, This feature is coming in the new beta of Twitter for Android, So we can both download and watch 4K images.

4K images on Twitter for Android

Figure 2021 01 07 10 00 15Figure 2021 01 07 10 00 15

Twitter, like other social networks, uses a lot of abbreviations when we upload pictures. One way to solve this problem Allow high resolution images to be downloaded, One that allows users to view them at their highest quality.

For this, the 4K images option is required, which was only available on iOS. With Twitter’s new beta The functionality comes to all users, So you need to install the latest version of APKmirror to load and display 4K images.

After updating the app, you can download and watch 4K images. Whenever you want to see a high resolution image, you have to download it manually

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With Twitter updated, click the three dots that appear in the upper right corner when opening a photo and check if it can be seen in high resolution. If the message does not appear, it means that the image was not downloaded in 4K. When we see “Load 4K”, we see the image at the highest resolution.

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If we want to Download high resolution images, You have to implement it manually by following these simple steps.

Figure 2021 01 07 10 00 33Figure 2021 01 07 10 00 33

Go to Settings to Unlock Twitter Settings and Privacy Data Application Download high quality images Enable WiFi, mobile data or both

Share Twitter adds support for 4K photos on Android: Now you can download and view high-definition images