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OLED screen on console and 4K on your TV

OLED screen on console and 4K on your TV

The future Nintendo Switch should see daylight. It is equipped with an OLED screen and allows you to enjoy 4K content while using its dock.

Nintendo is making a new version of its switch console. Wants to provide a more successful (and high quality) experience by playing this future replay game.

In fact, according to the popular hacker SkiersM, the next Nintendo switch in the pipeline will be codenamed “Ala”, and it will be based on the same SoC called “Marico” from Nvidia. Classic Nintendo Switch – And has greatly enhanced autonomy Compared to the basic model.

From 4K?

“Aula” also allocates good stuff, including an OLED screen for advanced variation. Everything suggests that the visual definition will also be improved. Can we expect 4K? Yes and no.

In fact, in firmware Analyzed by SciressM, a real deck chip is referred to as “4K UHD Multimedia”. So the code seems very self-explanatory, but when the Nintendo switch is inserted into its dock, this high definition is reserved for the parties on TV.

The information surrounding this new version of the Nintendo Switch is even thinner at this point. Maybe the coming months in 2021 will bring us more to eat.

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