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Users flee to the signal

Users flee to the signal

While WhatsApp is forcing its users to share their data on Facebook, it is drowning in demands for its rival signal recordings.

On February 8, WhatsApp users who did not want to share their data on Facebook could no longer use the app, the company warned in a notification sent to millions of users around the world.

Questionably, an update to the usage conditions, which will allow Facebook client companies to better interact with WhatsApp users’ data. Faced with this growth, many prefer to choose the rival signal.

“Privacy should be the norm”

In a tweet released just before 7pm on January 7, Signal announced a traffic jam for new users who want to install the app.

“Verification codes (sent by SMS to verify his profile) are currently delayed by many operators because too many people are trying to sign up for the signal […]. We are working with operators to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Be, ”the company says.

In response to the user creating a link with WhatsApp’s new privacy rules, Signal responded that “privacy should be the rule.”

If Facebook does not – for now – use WhatsApp users’ data for targeted advertising purposes, some information such as transactions, but its phone number or IP address can be used by its business customers using messaging. Customer relationship interface.

According to the App Store, WhatsApp collects a large amount of personal data, which starts with a tracking purchase, location, phone number and even contact list. The signal uses only the phone number, which is essential for its operation.

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