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You can download all CIA documents related to UFO Views

You can download all CIA documents related to UFO Views

UFOs are still in the public interest. Although their existence has not yet been proven, ufologists are not encouraged. They go through all the documents, videos and pictures that allow you to find one of these flying objects from another world.

They should welcome the recent announcement of The Black Vault, the world’s largest private archive of archived documents. This site has actually streamlined the publication of several hundred PDF documents Information collected by the CIA In UFOs. All of this data is accessible to the general public and can be downloaded for free.

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Some of these documents are from the 1980s. According to John Greenwald, founder of The Black Vault, this is all data collected in recent years on unidentified aerial events, the CIA said. Or UAP, “unidentified aerial phenomenon.”

Documents obtained on behalf of FOIA

Recovering these documents from the CIA is no small feat. John Greenwald said he would receive nearly 10,000 reports written under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). After that, he had to scan them by hand.

“About 20 years ago, I had to fight for years for the CIA to access additional UFO data. It was like pulling out a tooth. I did not let go, and finally I got there. I got a big box with thousands of pages, and had to scan them one by one.”

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Additional difficulties

John Greenwald faced additional difficulties when he received these famous documents. According to him, the CIA did not facilitate their use:

“The CIA has made their use incredibly difficult, but for a reason. They gave me a very outdated format (multi-page .tif) and almost unusable text files.”

In the end, his efforts paid off. To ensure that he had all the CIA documents in the UFOs, he bought a CD-ROM created by a federal agency in 2020. It contains all the documents previously released by the CIA. .

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Within 24 hours of the release of these documents, Black Vault recorded thousands of downloads on its platform.