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Masahiro Sakurai returns money from Smash Brothers, "This is a dream game" - Nert 4.Life

Masahiro Sakurai returns money from Smash Brothers, “This is a dream game” – Nert 4.Life

Cyberpunk 2077 One liked Masahiro Sakurai Nintendo, the series’ historical director Super Smash Brothers., He said he was particularly impressed by the question Refunds, Even in a positive light.

“Getting money back is something I do It moves from an emotional point of view, This kind Honesty I have never seen this before, “Sakurai said, adding that in his life as a good traditionalist developer he had not been much involved with such endeavors because he would never have found himself in similar conditions.

However, the author of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tried Cyberbunk 2077, and he was inspired by the CD Project Red game, which he considers a genre Dream game, In the sense of an ambitious project built on the best ideas and the most complex process.

“When I tried it on the PS4 Pro, I could Play without problems (December 20, 2020). It went at almost 30 frames per second, “Sakurai explained in his periodical published in the Japanese newspaper Famitsu.” I also played on the computer early on, encountered many bugs, really.

Anyway, Sakurai wants to express his expression Evaluation To CD Project Red and its new RPG: “Cyberbunk 2077 is a dream game, I’m amazed at how much design and production it took to make it”. According to Sakurai, there is also a game cross-platform of this ability, “Suffice it to say Wonderful“, He announced.”I support this game From the bottom of my heart for the honesty shown with the issue of repayment “, Sakurai wrote with great interest.

Since this game has reached 5 cases only in the United States, it is very bad that many like him do not think, which will create a new record for a video game.