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Cyberpunk 2077: No next gen link in second half of the year - News

Cyberpunk 2077: No next gen link in second half of the year – News

In this 5 minute video “Our commitment“, Or”Our engagement“Ivinsky promises that teams will continue to work to fix Knight City when updates come in, and make sure everyone can enjoy it.”Whatever the stageIf the pieces have already been attached three times to try to reassemble, the first actual update will come in 10 days, followed by a more significant update in the weeks that follow. Face-saving efforts will affect the initial plan – in other words, revisions will take precedence over the use of free downloadable content, which will occur later in the year.

While there is no acceptance of versions released on the PS4 and Xbox One, the CD project promises not to remove it: “”It turned out that our tests did not show most of the problems you encountered while playing the game.“. Polish Studio still recognizes that the connection is final The first day Both consoles took longer than expected, which explains the late sending of test codes to the press – on December 8, two days before the game’s official release. Awesome sale based on pre-orders, 13 million copies sold in ten days.

Development Committee agrees that it still exists “Underestimated“The size of the task, and the difficulty Hardware Aging Streamer Ambitious city like Night City. “The main culprit was the need to constantly improve our game streaming system for older generation consoles. Streaming is responsible for “feeding” the machine with the things you see on the screen and the dynamics of the game. The city is very congested and that is the disk bandwidth of older generation consoles. ‘She said, it’s something that will constantly challenge us. At first things did not seem so difficult, we were aware of the material shortage and eventually proved that we underestimated the task.

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The arrival of the “new generation” patch ensures that everyone who conditioned the experience of cyberbank on the consoles will have to wait. This road map can be read, as confirmed by Polish Studio, PS5 and Xbox Series X | This free upgrade is now aimed at using the technical specifications of “The second half of the year“The CD Project teams promise that they will.”Will reveal more when we have more to share.“In other words, it’s not in the context that the publisher claims to take into account the working conditions of its employees.”Eliminating the crisis from all our future plans is our priority.“Cow.

As for the return of the game on the PlayStation Store, nothing has been fixed at this time after the unconditional withdrawal from the dematerialized sale at the end of December: “We are working on fixes and updates, and are working with Sony to bring the Signerbunk 2077 to the PlayStation Store soon.