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Xiaomi promises 1h40 extra autonomy with the same size batteries

Xiaomi promises 1h40 extra autonomy with the same size batteries

Xiaomi would have found a way to improve the autonomy of our smartphones. The manufacturer claims that it can increase the capacity of the batteries by 10% to the same extent.

Left: Traditional drums - Right: Drums

Left: Traditional battery – Right: “High silicon lithium” battery from Xiaomi // Source: Xiaomi

Manufacturers have been working for years to speed up their charging, without inventing new battery technology to significantly increase the autonomy of our electronic devices. In a few years, our smartphones have changed from 5 or 7 W chargers to 22, 30, 65. 120 watts too In the best case. However Xiaomi wants to shake things up.

Une battery high silicon lithium

In a recent post வெய்போ, The Chinese manufacturer presented its new high-silicon battery technology. Don’t expect a big revolution, it’s still a lithium-ion battery, but this upgraded model will be much more enjoyable if it keeps its promises.

Xiaomi has tripled the amount of silicon in the anode (negative electrode) of the battery and developed a new design to reduce the battery control circuit. In addition, the assembly is integrated with a new artificial intelligence algorithm for energy management.

Conclusion: Xiaomi, according to its reports, has succeeded in producing a battery that is 10% more efficient than current technologies. According to his reports, this means 100 minutes of extra autonomy or 1h40 for our smartphones.

Production in 2022

Xiaomi predicts that mass production of these batteries will begin in the second half of 2022. So this technology cannot be expected to be integrated. Xiaomi 12, Rather than on the next generation.

However, one question was not answered. Silicon anodes for Li-ion batteries are nothing new, but this technology has been sidelined due to lifetime issues. Did Xiaomi succeed in resolving this concern of capacity loss over time? We’ll have to wait to find it for a more complete presentation or even the first device tests.

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