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Google permanently recalls Google Toolbar for IE after 21 years of loyal service

Google permanently recalls Google Toolbar for IE after 21 years of loyal service

Google Toolbar, one of the most popular toolbars in the early 2000s, is 21 years old … and retired. On December 11, 2000, Google unveiled what Chrome was supposed to be: a toolbar for Internet Explorer (native Windows web browser, most widely used on the Internet at the time), making life easier. Provides users with direct access to the search engine and various Google services.

For good reason, 21 years ago, Internet Explorer only allowed one thing in the address bar: enter the URL of the website. Thanks to the Google Toolbar, I was able to quickly start a query in the search engine without having to enter its address in the Microsoft browser’s address bar.
At the time, Google’s toolbar was a real little revolution. This gave Internet Explorer a translator, allowing search terms to be personalized on a page or preventing unwanted pop-ups.

21 years later, the web’s antiquity is nothing more than a shadow. If it had been downloaded more recently, many of its features would no longer work. Google has finally removed it from the download. At least officially. Its exclusive page,, Now points interested users to the Google Support Page, which invites them to download Google Chrome.

Unofficially, theDownload url Google Toolbar is still active. If you have a machine with Internet Explorer 11, you can still install it.

Unfortunately, for those who are more nostalgic, its use can be difficult, as most of the links opened in Internet Explorer will be automatically sent to Microsoft Edge.

Source: Arstechnica

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