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PS4 firmware 9.00 - Beware of improvements caused by hacking

PS4 firmware 9.00 – Beware of improvements caused by hacking

Elton Ring Is in danger Improvements, Or spoiler if you prefer, due to hacking PS4 firmware 9.00. How are the two related? To illustrate it, Lance McDonald’s insider pointed out that he now accesses data from the trial version of the punctured firmware Elton Ring Network, which may contain secrets.

McDonald himself said on his Twitter account that he would not share anything that came out about the software game, but that information around the Internet would soon begin to come in everywhere, even unthinkable places (trolls are always lurking, remember that). The danger, of course, should come as no surprise to those who do not want to know anything in advance about the Elton Ring.

In short, the advice is to focus on what you read and where you studied. If you do not want to take the risk, do not connect to the Internet until the release of the Elton Ring on February 25, 2022, and return to telegraphy for a few weeks. In the meantime, if you would like some information about the game, read our Eldon Ring test based on the Network trial version, in which we wrote:

As we have already said many times, the Elton Ring software was created with the intention of giving life to the spiritual heir of the Dark Souls, representing a collection of talents developed over the years. What we tried during the beta convinced us, and the approach to the open world of home proved to be just as valid. The significant increase in combat attitudes and possibilities seems to be able to turn the game into a very diverse and rich soul never seen before, with the usual very detailed story background and always a significant amount of challenge that really makes us believe. Overall quality.

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