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Xbox Series X Mode: Adding LEDs to Its Console Breaks Warranty |  Xbox One

Xbox Series X Mode: Adding LEDs to Its Console Breaks Warranty | Xbox One

The Xbox Series X is sold today in a single color palette called Matte Black. For its part, the Xbox Series S is sold in white, and no other model is offered yet. Microsoft did not provide customization and customization components for the new Xbox, but many players have begun to customize their console since the introduction of the machines.

Xbox Series X Top LEDs

When the Xbox Series X was released, one would have thought that a green light would come out of the console from above where the console’s vent holes are. But we found that this is actually an optical effect with green paint glued to the inside of these ventilation holes.

However, some players wanted to recreate the effect of the light emitted from the Xbox Series X along with the LEDs. The process lasts only 15 minutes, is rather easy and does not require special skills. The video below, shared by a Reddit member, shows how to do this using a T8 screwdriver.

The first step is to unscrew the two screws located on the back of the console to remove the back cover of the Xbox Series X. You need to unscrew the 3 screws and unscrew its connector to remove the fan from the console. Then put the LEDs inside the console and put everything back on.

Warranty and high heat, what are the risks of the Xbox Series X?

If this type of manipulation is too easy to do, it is a good idea to take some precautions and considerations before starting it. First, unlocking the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S immediately terminates your Xbox console warranty. Therefore, you should think twice before opening your new console, even when handling is done with great care. Contacted by Exoxigen, in SAV Xbox In this particular case the Xbox Series X warranty confirms that it is void.

Once the owner opens the device and makes some changes to the console, the console will be considered corrupted when the warranty is confiscated. If there are any issues with the console, we can help you process the repair order, but the console should still be under warranty.

The second thing to consider when adding LEDs to the Xbox Series X is the heater. Although LEDs use very little energy, they give off so little heat. However, the fan is precisely placed on the top of the console and removes heat from the console, creating a call for air. It is always best to avoid adding more, especially if your console is placed in a poorly ventilated area. Let’s add that the LED gives off even more heat when the piece is rolled.

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There are players who light up their Xbox Series X console with LEDs without opening it inside the console, but despite the warranty in this particular case, the heating question still arises.