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Ubisoft's turnover reaches one billion euros in the last quarter of 2020 - News

Ubisoft’s turnover reaches one billion euros in the last quarter of 2020 – News

This is Ubisoft’s record, க்கள் 1.7 billion since the beginning of the financial year (April 2020), an increase of 60% per year. Throughout its annual fiscal year, even if no title is finally published between January and March For Cry6 And Republic of the Riders, Ubisoft expects revenue of at least 2 2.2 billion and operating profit of at least மில்லியன் 450 million, which is higher than the company’s usual results.

Ubisoft is indebted to the exciting end of the year led by these great results releasesCreed Valhalla of the Assassin, Watch Dogs: Brigade And Indestructible Phoenix Rising, The new generation PlayStation and many other great products that are sure to land on the Xbox consoles. The first-named owner has made more money than any other publication in history. Add to this a Just dance 2021 It has not performed well for 6 years, and its success allows Ubisoft to claim ownership. “First third-party teacher in Switzerland in 2020“, As well as the good performance of the installed list (Pravalhalla, Mario + The Rabbits Kingdom War, For Cry5, The Crow 2, Year 1800) With a special note Siege of the rainbow river It is approaching 70 million registered players since its inception.

Our strategy continues to pay off. So far, thanks to the quality of our launches and the depth of our listing for the biggest quarter in Ubisoft’s history. In a very difficult environment, we are incredibly proud of our teams that have introduced four titles on multiple platforms, while continuing to cater to our direct services.Yves Guillemott commented that 40 million people played on Ubisoft’s list in the last quarter of 2020. Between April and December, Ubisoft generated the bulk of its revenue on the PS5 / PS4 (34%). Then PC (23%), Xbox Series / Xbox One (21%), Switch (11%) and Mobile (8%). Geographical distribution of sales is in favor of North America (49%), more than Europe (36%) and the rest worldwide (15%).

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