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Big Brother Whip 5, Alfonso Signorini downloads Alta de Yousanio: "We split ourselves

Big Brother Whip 5, Alfonso Signorini downloads Alta de Yousanio: “We split ourselves

At the beginning of the episode of Big Brother Whip 5, Alfonso Signorini distanced himself from the statements made by Alta de Yousanio, which disqualified the journalist.



Patricio Marino


Further Alfonso Signorini He downloaded it directly Alta de Yousanio, Waiting for the first episode available Big Brother Whip5. The host explained the reasons for disqualifying the journalist, without mentioning Laura Pasini’s name.

Alta de Eusenio was forced to leave the home of Big Brother Whip 5 on Saturday evening, when Laura Pausini and her partner Pavlo Cardo denounced the defamation. On Friday evening the press announced that the guitarist had beaten the popular singer indiscriminately and that the media had intervened to expel the ex officio immediately de Eusenio.

At the start of last night’s live broadcast, Alfonso Signorini revealed to the public that he was not following the plan to disqualify Mediaset Extra, D’Usanio, which in any case was widely reported on special sites and in the press. “Alta has revealed a number of things, despite a series of slanders from Big Brother – Signorini said – We, I make it clear, completely separate ourselves from what is being said“Alfonso later returned to Wipos”You are free to say what you want, we are in a democracy, but always statements that do no harm to anyone“.

Meanwhile, music producer Adriano Aragoscini has taken legal action after journalist Alta de Esanio joined in a new complaint claiming that it was the fall of Mia Martini.

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