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Windows 11, Do you need to update immediately?  Analysis, gaming

Windows 11, Do you need to update immediately? Analysis, gaming

One of the questions a good number of users ask themselves on October 5, 2021 is clearly relevantUpgrade to Windows 11. In fact, There are some who do not have clear ideas About what to do. On the other hand, the number of variables involved is: Let’s take the situation.

Compatibility question

Well, it is completely natural for users to be skeptical about the update. In fact, it often happens when there are significant updates related to popular operating systems. However, this time the question was “fuel” Microsoft Requirements for Windows 11, Which, according to some users, is a bit “strict”. TPM 2.0 e Secure Boot Now it is on the lips of all the fans in the tech world, but in fact there are not many problems in keeping up with the latest PCs update. So, if you have a relatively new computer, you should not have much difficulty in viewing the requirements.

If your computer is not compatible Update (you can follow our guide How to check the compatibility of your computer with Windows 11 To understand it), We strongly advise against continuing. In fact, Microsoft has already announced that “coercionists” will face various “headaches” in the future. To be clear, even the arrival of security updates can be limited or completely “blocked”. This is without counting any “restrictions” imposed by external programs. In short, if for some reason your computer does not have TPM 2.0, secure boot or does not meet any of the requirements, it is not worth upgrading to Windows 11. Device “).

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Functionality of “old” projects

After overcoming the complex compatibility issue, let’s move on to the rest. One of the main doubts regarding the update is related to this The function of programs. In fact, those who use their computer at work clearly need all the software they normally use to work properly. In this case, unfortunately, considering the myriad variations, there is no single answer.

Despite this, a good number of people upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 have found that everything works fine. Attention, however Every case is a storyFor example, some programs that are particularly outdated can cause “problems”. In this context, it can be enjoyable in your spare time Install Windows 11 on a “secondary” system (Or may be on a virtual machine, but beware: currently There seems to be a problem with the Windows 11 virtual box), Try everything you need a little bit and try to understand if the new OS can meet your needs without many problems. Remember it, though Some OS settings may be “reset” (For example, programs that appear in the “Open with” option by selecting a specific file type).

Gaming in Windows 11: Yes or No?

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground Sports, An area where a few people do not experience problems. Obviously, the issues reported online are different, but more commonly mentioned A drop in FPS with some Windows 11 configurationsAs well as higher GPU usage than usual in specific environments. That is to say The situation does not seem to be “important”: Many people manage to start and play their favorite topics without a “headache”.

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However, Some structures actually face problems. The choice here is yours: if you are not in a hurry to upgrade to Windows 11, keep your gaming performance “safe” with Windows 10 and wait for further improvements. Alternatively, you may want to try clearly Backup Windows 10 And test Windows 11 locally, apparently at your own risk.

The rest, if you will Explore the new OS, You can mention us Special for Windows 11 release.