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iOS 15: How to download multiple images with one click?

iOS 15: How to download multiple images with one click?

T T T TopTechGeek Sent to me by many readers. His trick to download multiple images at once on iOS 15 can be very useful.

Its trick works on a browser, device running iOS 15. So far, I have tested it on Safari, Brave and Chrome. You can download multiple images at once and save them directly to the camera roll, in the photo app.

How does it work?

Here is TopTechGeek explaining how the trick works:

To save multiple images in your camera roll from your browser, as shown in the video, all you have to do is hold down the first image and drag it to one corner of your screen. Then, place your finger on this image and click with another finger on the other images to add to your liking. To save them, exit your browser (when you press your finger on your choice) and open the Photos app. Drag the selected folder and you’re done!

This trick is compatible with many Apple applications

This is a very interesting note. I do not know if this is a bug or a feature, it is very specific. For example, I noticed that this does not work properly with animated GIFs.

I was able to copy it in the mail application to download images from emails, as well as copy multiple links and add them to notes. To drop in other apps, you can recover multiple images in the Photos app. This trick works in the Files app to select a set of files and move them to another folder.

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This trick works relatively well, but it seems to be limited to certain apps and especially native Apple apps. But it’s a good use of the touch function, which would be nice for Apple to exploit more.

Now, sorry, I need to download all the cat pictures on the internet … Well, try this trick on other apps.