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How it looks on the last gen console -

How it looks on the last gen console –

DICE showed Battlefield 2042 On consoles Older generation With a single image of the game Xbox One: Telling the truth may not provide thoughtful judgment, but it’s still a start, you can still try the game by hand these days.

Official Battlefield 2042 account wanted to certify the quality of a job even on the last gen consoles Screenshot Since the Xbox One version, it has never been shown in official form because presentations always focus on the next gen.

“Your first look at Battlefield 2042 on the Xbox One” reads a tweet about it, “We can’t wait to show you the grip of the PC we make in 8 hours”. Not much to evaluate: the screenshot is definitely beautiful but getting an accurate idea is very rare because it has to be viewed in motion. However, the next generation will feel less clarity than we have ever seen and apparently less detail and visual distance.

Anyway, let’s wait a bit now to see the game in a more practical way: starting today, TheOpen beta Battlefield 2042, with initial access for everyone who pre-orders, has a subscription to EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which makes it easy to get an accurate idea of ​​how the game works.

Obviously the beta version is not stable, so we still need to consider the fact that the game needs to be further improved and refined. The remaining, digital versions are the PS5 and Xbox Series X | We saw how the S is now a cross-gen bundle, i.e., allowing two generations of versions to be accessed by dual ownership of the EA. The preload of the beta was available yesterday.

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