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Windows 10, automatic distribution starts from 2004 until the new 21H1

Windows 10, automatic distribution starts from 2004 until the new 21H1

Microsoft Began to distributeUpgrade to Windows 10 21H1, The most recent release of the operating system, on computers that installed the 2004 version of the first half of 2020. Thanks for the automatic delivery application Algorithm D Machine Learning Dedication, which allows you to evaluate many aspects of the update process and determine whether or not to start it based on the system of variables that follow the system.

“We are increasing our investment in machine learning (ML) technologies to assist in the complexity of the features we need to evaluate.”, Written by Microsoft In 2019. “Machine learning helps to quickly diagnose potential problems and determine the best time to upgrade each computer once a version of Windows is available.”.

Windows 10 21 H1, May 2021 Update, also known as status Released last month As an optional update for those who want to manually check for updates on the Windows Update screen. The update can also be installed through tools officially provided by Microsoft, forcing the procedure on every computer (even those considered inappropriate).

Used on systems with Windows 10 21 H1 Automatic version 2004

Microsoft has announced that it has been launching since last June 2nd Automatically update systems with Windows 10 2004Thus, Windows 10 proposes the installation of 21 H1 to train machine learning methods to understand which systems can be upgraded without problems: “We have also begun the first phase of learning training for the algorithm, which we propose to upgrade to Windows 10 21 H1 on some Windows 10 2004 systems.”, Microsoft knew.

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This algorithm will continue to be practiced at all stages of the release of the new version, so it can be considered more and more reliable even with subsequent versions of Windows, so guaranteed “Smooth upgrade experience”. Thanks to the use of machine learning, Microsoft says it will be able to accelerate the availability of the new version in the coming weeks, with an initial update not available to all users.

Who could not see the update even after pressing Check for updates Its Windows Update However, he can use more compelling methods. We already talked about it Here’s how to install Windows 10 21 H1.