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Marcello de Vito unleashes Virginia Rocky and goes to Forza Italia: "More ideological Somersalts in M5s"

Marcello de Vito unleashes Virginia Rocky and goes to Forza Italia: “More ideological Somersalts in M5s”

After nine years in a row of 5 stars, Marcello de Vito stepped down from the movement’s council committee after being nominated for mayor of Rome in 2013 and voted mayor in 2016. He condemned Grillin’s “several ideological attacks” in a May 24 post on Facebook. Two weeks later, during a press conference at Forza Italy’s national headquarters, sitting between Maricio Caspari and Antonio Tazani, Silvio Berlusconi announced the passage in the party: , I say good self-promoted videos, good disputes.They are no longer my own.

Capitol received the nickname of Speaker of the Legislature Mr. Options For bringing 6,451 votes for the cause of Virginia Rocky: Capitol’s right to vote for him as Speaker of the Legislature. However, on March 20, 2019, he was arrested for corruption in an investigation into the construction of the Roma Stadium. He was jailed for 107 days and 137 days under house arrest by Regina Coyle. Luigi de Mayo, the political leader of the 5 stars, publicly slammed him: “I always canceled him from the movement without going through the referees: de Vito should be miles away from us, we chase rotten apples immediately”. Disposal is not regulated by arbitrators.

De Vito, who is now awaiting a first-degree sentence, returned to cover his role in the Capitol after the Supreme Court overturned a precautionary detention order. The 46-year-old lawyer announced his affiliation with Forza Italia and declared that the final farewell to the council committee supporting Raki would not be affected by the legal issue against him: 5 5 The leaders of the movement have behaved in a way that cannot be said. But this did not affect my choice. Already in August 2020, in a secretive way and always on social networks, de Vito talked about the need to “close a cycle”.

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An already trampled road and Berlusconi’s paradox: 5 stars “cleaning toilets in MediaSet”

This is not the first case of a transfer from the T-Vito 5 star movement to Forza Italy. Deputy Veronica Giannon, who was expelled from the movement, joined Forza Italy on January 20: “This is the party that best exemplifies liberal values.” The same parable was fulfilled before him, by Deputy Matteo del Oso, on May 27, 2021, by Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, to the new party of Corco Italy. These visits by the former Grillini to Forza Italy are astonishing after Silvio Berlusconi, at a rally in Casaclanda in 2018, said of the 5 stars: “They are people I have never done in my life: I will take them to clean toilets in my company”.

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