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Nintendo recalls piracy games at - News

Nintendo recalls piracy games at – News

In a judgment dated May 25, 2021, DSTORAGE SAS, which operates the aforementioned host, was found by a Paris court to be liable for its civil liability for not withdrawing illegal copies of Nintendo games provided on its platform. By the company. It is requested to block access to this illegal content which may be shared by many internet users.

The court ordered DSTORAGE to pay 935,500 euros in damages. The Paris court, in its decision, clarified how the rightful owners and shared hosting service providers should act when declaring and removing illegal content, insisting that proper ownership is not required before obtaining a court ruling Before asking Shared hosting service providers to eliminate illegal content.

In other words, shared content hosts cannot say that a court ruling is necessary before removing illegal content under this decision – by refusing to block access to content such as unauthorized copies of video games, their responsibility lies under the French language. Therefore, under the penalty for compensating right owners who have infringed intellectual property, they may not withdraw or access such content. This decision is subject to appeal.

From the first Super Nintendo copiers to the first sale Coordinators DS, Nintendo continues to be at the forefront of game theft. The switch has not been released for years, especially as Nintendo in the U.S. fights against the sale of programs that allow it to bypass the security of its console and launch pirate games, especially by attacking resellers of these illegal solutions.

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