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Will the 4K console still come?  Nintendo speaks plain language

Will the 4K console still come? Nintendo speaks plain language

A few months ago, Nintendo promised that they had no plans for another switch model at the moment. However, according to new reports, some developers have already received the first dev kits for the 4K switch and can test them diligently. Now Nintendo has expressed itself again on this issue.

Switch Pro: Dev tools should be in circulation

According to Nintendo’s official statement, there will be no new model of handheld console after the OLED switch. On the other hand, there is a new report called 11 Nintendo Got the so-called Developer Kit called Switch Pro.

The new system should be a console, which, unlike the current switch models, is 4K capable. Developer kits are said to have been sent in the summer (source: Bloomberg)

The new OLED model is not the Switch Pro – but the new handheld console offers some interesting improvements, which we will summarize in the video for you:

Will there still be a 4K switch? Nintendo shakes it up

An updated look at the rumors about the Switch Pro has brought Nintendo back on display. The company has clarified once again and repeatedly stated on Twitter that it is in a state of update There are no plans to release another switch model after the OLED version:

“A news report dated September 30, 2021 misrepresented that Nintendo was providing game development tools for the Nintendo Switch with 4K support. In order to ensure a proper understanding of our investors and customers, we would like to clarify that this statement is not true.

As announced in July, we would like to reiterate that we have no plans for a new model other than the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which will be released on October 8, 2021.

While Nintendo insists that they are not currently planning another switch model, that does not mean that these plans will not change in the future. In matters In terms of hardware performance, the Nintendo Switch PS5 and Xbox Series X – But that doesn’t seem to be damaging the console’s success at the moment.

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