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Sweepstakes: These readers will receive the Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch – ntower

After the first Metroid Dread contest And the record number of participants, we started with Nintendo Second match For a critically acclaimed game. In this you can dust off the retail version – in addition, you have the opportunity to sell out and get the most desired one. Special Edition By Metroid Dread. The second time you did the comment section at the bottom of the message with you More than 250 participants The lottery drum was filled to the brim again – to the chagrin of our virtual lottery angel. After vigorously stirring the lottery drum, the following names were taken from the lottery pot:

The special version of Metroid Dread goes to: Banana

Retail versions of Metroid Dread go to: Cycle and Saucer

Congratulations and thank you so much for participating in this competition. We will send a personal message to the winners shortly with the next steps.

Are you out of luck in this match? Don’t worry, there are currently two more matches going on. The full Crysis Remastered Trilogy can be found here Nintendo Switch – and Via this link You will come to our competition Mario Party Superstars. Very lucky!

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