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Whatsapp Trick: How To Secretly "Exit" Chat Groups

Whatsapp Trick: How To Secretly “Exit” Chat Groups

WhatsApp with notifications on smartphone

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WhatsApp groups are popular because users can exchange messages with many people. With one trick you can remove yourself from group chat without being noticed.

Kassel – Whatsapp’s group chat functionality is useful for multiple users to exchange ideas with multiple people simultaneously. Whether at a sports club, with colleagues or planning a big event – many Messenger users can write messages in a chat on the Whatsapp group.

However, sometimes, you will accidentally be added to WhatsApp groups and do not want to offend other users when you leave the group. However, the famous ambassador provides in its policies that members of a group are informed about the activities of other participants. Thus, when a user leaves, other people in the group will be shown as having left the group. However, there is a trick you can use to avoid this feature.

Group chat on Whatsapp: This trick removes you from annoying chats

Officially, Whatsapp does not offer the option of secretly exiting group chats. However, users can skip the basic settings with a simple trick in which they can disable the group.

If notifications for this WhatsApp group are disabled, messages from team members will come to the group, but you will no longer hear them. This is because if notifications are disabled, the smartphone will no longer sound or vibrate for each group message and the message will not be displayed on the screen.

Whatsapp: How To Disable Group Notifications

To disable group notifications on Whatsapp, tap the group name at the top of the chat screen. Android users can select the “Always” option under “Disable notifications”. Apple users can select the “Always” option under the “Disable” item.

Users can only see how many unread messages have come up in group chat when they open WhatsApp. If this is too much for you, you can do this with a simple trick and remove chat from Whatsapp list.

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Remove Whatsapp group from chat list: It works “secretly”

If you want to hide the Whatsapp group from the chat list, you need to move it to the archive. To do this, long-tap the group in the chat list on WhatsApp. On Android it is indicated by a small green tick next to the group image, Apple will appear a list with various options.

Tap “Archive” icon (for Android) or “Archive” in the list (for Apple) in the top right corner of WhatsApp. So the chat was moved to the archive. Finally, in the Whatsapp settings under the “Chats” and “Archived chats” option, the “Leave chats in archive” control should be enabled.

Users will not be able to leave the Whatsapp group, but it will disappear into the archive and become invisible. With this trick, users have the back door open to reactivate in the group, if necessary.

Whatsapp has recently introduced a new feature. This means that chat messages will delete themselves after a certain period of time. (Helena Cris)

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