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If the smartphone battery suddenly drains, this problem can occur on the mobile phone, which is solved

The smartphone is a great invention, which greatly simplifies us in many tasks and saves a lot of time. Unfortunately, we are all addicted to this device. If the smartphone cannot be used for any reason, anxiety arises immediately. One of the reasons I can’t use this device is because of the low battery. The stored energy can be depleted quickly after recharging. If the smartphone battery suddenly drains, this problem can occur on the mobile phone, which is solved.

Technology is in our favor but also makes us dependent. Electricity is a convenience, but without our world it would stop. The mobile phone also turns off when the battery is low. When autonomy drops below 30%, a rush to the power station is triggered, which is not always achievable. If there is no plug nearby, you can extend the autonomy of the smartphone with a few small tricks. In fact Not many people know that this is the only way to keep the smartphone on for 2 days without charging the battery.

If the smartphone battery suddenly drains, this problem can occur on the mobile phone, which is solved

In a perfect world, our cell phone will run for at least 48 hours, two days in a row. Usually our smartphone has autonomy for a whole day. We charge it at night and use it during the day. However, the smartphone will not charge for several hours and will quickly lose power.

Obviously the first thing to do is to check what the cause is, so we need to check the functionality of our device. The rule is to control the brightness level, which is a good energy absorber. Then any open applications will occur Background But not used, so they will be closed.

If the charge continues to run too fast for no apparent reason, there may be a problem with your smartphone. This can be from the software and especially from the file batterystats.bin on the phone. If this file does not work properly, it will quickly drain the battery up to 100% at a time. How can this be remedied? In a very simple way, you have to reset the battery this way.

How to rearrange it

You fully charge the battery as soon as you turn on the smartphone. When charging is complete, turn off the smartphone and reconnect the charger until the battery reaches 100%. You can disconnect the charger, turn on the smartphone and turn off the screen’s automatic shutdown when the smartphone is active. The smartphone is recharged up to 100%, then the battery charger is disconnected and the device is operated until the battery life is completely exhausted. When the battery is exhausted, the smartphone is turned off, at which point it recharges. The problem must be solved.

Sometimes situations require a quick recharge. That’s how it is Charge your smartphone battery at lightning speed using 7 best tricks that many people ignore. At other times we may not have access to electricity. Maybe we’re in town, walking from one place to another. Or we are in a place where there is no opportunity to recharge the phone. If the autonomy of the device is not working, do not worry, here is one The trick is to use the smartphone for 2 hours with less than 10% battery.

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