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This mobile application makes it easy to transfer screenshots from the switch to your phone.

Stay in Write about video games In our business, we spend a lot of time transferring screenshots from our devices to our phones or PCs – maybe more than most. For some of us Nifty Capture cards are instantly recorded on the hard drive, but for the rest we rely on Nintendo’s screen shot transfer solution, which involves replacing the card micro SD on your computer or scanning the QR code on your switch with your smartphone. Save each screenshot separately in your camera roll.

That’s okay – it works – but the process is smooth, and that’s where SwitchBuddy comes in. Developed by Filip Němeček, this mobile application has been around for some time and aims to make this mobile processor a bit harder by streamlining transactions. The hard part is “Save to Image List”.

You have to select the pictures you want on your switch and “Send to smart device” (do not hesitate to see our guide if you need more information about this), but you have to tap on Nintendo’s option. Each image individually To store them on your device, SwitchBuddy has an interface that does just that by pressing a button. On iOS you can save screenshots directly to the iCloud drive if you do not want to clutter your camera roll.

SwitchBuddy lets you tweet the selected image (s) through various applications or send it to your preferred recipient, without having to download them yourself. Check out our own experiments where we uploaded these attractive scenes from Blasphemous and Metroid Dread:

Will it change the game? not right. This is rarely a Massif The difference – you have to be Another (Free) on your phone – but it’s true that it’s smarter than Nintendo’s solution, and it will save you time and money, just like us, you can transfer a lot of photos from your switch to the digital world. It comes with some interesting color themes.

Improved speed and usability? Selection of files? Color Themes? It seems that Nintendo can learn one or two things. Apps are free to download / use and available on the App Store, Google Play or SwitchBuddy website.

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