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WhatsApp: Gruppen-Admins können bald Nachrichten löschen

WhatsApp: Team administrators can delete messages quickly

WhatsApp distributes a new beta version of the Messanger app via the Google Play Store, giving team administrators extra options to delete content within groups. The function, which is currently in the testing phase, allows administrators to centrally delete personal messages for all team members.

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All group administrators can delete messages

After a message has been deleted by the group administrator, the group members can see that the message has been deleted by who wrote the original message and which group administrator deleted the message. Give team managers more control over the team and additional tools for restraint. So far, team administrators have not had any moderate means of reacting to messages and deleting them.

Although this functionality is already included in the beta version of the WhatsApp processor, it is currently not available to all users in beta.

WhatsApp: Administrators can delete messages in groups (Image: WABetaInfo)

Groups need to get communities

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, on WhatsApp, there can sometimes be several months between the beta testing of a functionality and the actual introduction for all users, so a quick introduction of the two innovations cannot be expected.

Extra privacy with online status

WhatsApp works at the same time to modify privacy settings so that in the future the online status of “Last Online” will no longer be shared to all contacts or anyone, but can be set individually for each. Communication at the user level. Conversely, people who are not stored as contacts usually do not have access to this information or their current online status.

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