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Property Standard: MMD Rating for VV Funds 11/2021

Property Standard: MMD Rating for VV Funds 11/2021

Asset Standard and MMT Analyze & Advisory GmbH re-evaluated detailed data on asset management funds in the current ranking report and developed an independent financial ranking based on key risk and return statistics.

The report shows the front runners MMD-Ranking With 5 stars In periods 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years. You can also find information about funds that received a good or bad rating in the previous month.

In November, 44 property management funds were able to join 3 year MMD ranking To improve. For the first time 3 newcomers were added to the 3 year rankings.

In Defensive Investment Strategy The Jyske Invest Stable Strategy Fund was upgraded by one star and joined the fund with 5 stars. Swiss Life Funds (Lux) – The Protestant Fund Defensive 3-Year MMT Ranked 4 Stars as the Best New Company.

In Equilibrium investment strategy DWS Top Balance, MainFirst Absolute Return Multi Asset Fund and Substance Fund were upgraded to 4 to 5 stars.

Get a free PDF report on Valneva: Download it for free here

The Attack Investment Strategy In November it was able to register four funds with 4 stars on the list of newcomers. BNY Mellon Multi-Asset, DJE Concept, DWS Top Portfolio Offensiv and HWB InvestWorld – Europe Portfolio Fund each rose by a star.

DWS Sachwerte Fonds, HWB Dachfonds VeniVidiVici and MainSky Macro Allocation Funds Flexible investment strategy Entering the field of climbers, Tala reached the 5-star MMD rankings with an improvement of one star.

Download yourself Here Download the full ranking report for November 2021 and earlier reports.

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