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Metro is working now, thanks to a mod -

Metro is working now, thanks to a mod –

The Metro From Cyberpunk 2077, We know, it does not work officially, but new mod Does Usable, Apparently partially version and not officially recognized by the software, but at least introduces this element of purpose first.

Cyberpunk 2077 should have public transport service via the monorail of the metro NCART system, It is also known in Knight City, but it was never implemented because it caused problems in the management of the game. It’s a pity, it’s for the extra comfort that movements can bring, and above all for the greater ability to recognize that such a system would have brought into the game world.

New Cyberpunk 2077 Metro System Mode, Available This address on Nexusmods, Presents a kind of solution to this deficiency, which works with all the limits of the “artisan” initiative.

Cyberpunk 2077: NCART system meter in operation with mod

As can be seen from the videos displayed by the authors of this change, when using the NCART system the game switches to third party view. Mono train From the outside, it also provides a pleasant view of the surrounding systems.

Is the mod Well integrated Cyberpunk 2077’s user interface and in the game world in general, the most synchronous use of official assets, utilizing 19 stations scattered throughout the city, so it is very nice and pleasant, plugged right in at night. City. Over the past few hours, it has been explained why there is no chase with police in the game, while the class action against CD Project RED is over, with the latter paying $ 1.8 million to shareholders.

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