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WhatsApp scam, risk for user data is here

One of the most popular scams so far on WhatsApp is expanding fast. Let’s find out how it works and how it can cause irreparable damage

A real fix from north to south slowly deceives various users Share In all Italy. Note 6 digit code fraud It changes zone from time to time, but the meaning remains the same: to gain possession Information Of the people.

However, unfortunately, despite the continuum Information In this case, the phenomenon is constantly in practice and there is always someone who naturally takes the bait to calculate probabilities.

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WhatsApp cheats on how it works and what to do to avoid it

In particular, the shadow scheme is exclusively based 6 digit code Account transfer required when changing device or phone number.

It starts with a message from one of the contacts Address Book (Probably he too was cheated), he reports that he sent the above by accident Code. It says to send back Six numbers Of that combination.

Thanks for the proven mechanism Fishing Click Victim Link Stay in the content of the message by opening the doors of your personal data to criminals. Thus accessing them Access codes, credit cards e Current accounts And address book.

So the risks are multiple: they are Identity theft When empty Cards and Accounts. There are several companies that do one on Bell Base for this reason Information campaign To warn people about this sneaky mechanism.

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The first thing Avoid posting your data in the chat, To any friends or operators of the bank. Do not change your passwords At the request of a third party e Never click on links that come to us with strange and vague messages.

To further protect your account, activation is a good idea Two factor recognition. Once the password is entered, a Code by SMS It only allows you to enter on your own once Profile.

Another important step is to implement the course Warning. This way when accessing from other devices, An email or text message arrives immediately and warns of irregular access.