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'I'm not interested in him anymore'

‘I’m not interested in him anymore’

Tommaso Sorsi Continues to be one of the undeniable protagonists of this fifth edition Brother Whip. We talk about him not only at home, but also outside, during the new episode of Barbara D’Urzo’s Live – Non la D’Urzo ‘on Canal 5 last night, he was an ex-boyfriend in the studio with Kevin, a flirt with Sorci, Alfonso Signorini just before leaving Morse Will be involved in a reality show.

The truth of Barbara D’Urzo’s ex-boyfriend guest of Tamaso Sorci

Kevin said he thanked each other friends this summer, after which they exchanged Instagram contacts, and the next day they already saw each other alone.

The boy admitted that he came out in the open after reading an interview in which Luca Wismara announced that he had attended Tommaso before GF Whip entered the house, which was not true for him and that Sorsey seemed to be having fun with him at the time.

So, Kevin wanted to say what Tommaso had before the reality show, but G.F. When Barbara d’Urzo asked if he was still waiting to be reunited after the whip was over, the boy’s reaction was very sincere.

‘I don’t like it’: Sorci’s former download downloads it live on TV

“There was a summer flirtation between us. Now, four months later, I’m not showing any interest in him,” admitted Dormaso’s ex-boyfriend D’Urzo’s in the living room, so “flashback” is unlikely to occur when the screen falls on this fifth edition.

In short, Kevin made it clear that GF Whip was not waiting to leave the house for Tommaso Sorsey to attend regularly and learn more about him. Meanwhile, Tommaso continues his journey into the reality show, unaware of everything that is going on in the outside world.

Crisis and possible farewell of Tommaso Sorci at GF Whip’s house

Over the past few days, young influencers have been battling with persistent anxiety crises, despite the discovery that this fifth edition of the reality show will not end on February 8th, for the next few weeks, although they were initially announced.

A severe blow to Tommaso, he seems to have confessed to his teammates, who also considered the possibility of abandoning the project in advance, and therefore withdrew. It has been rumored that Tommaso’s farewell announcement may come during a live broadcast on January 25, which has always been planned with Alfonso Signorini’s behavior on Channel 5.

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