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La lithosphère — enveloppe rigide recouvrant la Terre — est scindée en différentes plaques tectoniques. © kolonko, Adobe Stock

Summarize a billion years in 40 seconds!

In 40 seconds, geologists summarize plate tectonics for a billion years. What are the implications of this new model?

About four billion years ago, the solid envelope covered Terre – Tight Lithosphere – His begins Separation Many Tectonic plates. Plates Movement Stable, although invisible to the creatures that run them. ” These plates are moving Speed No Nails Grow up, but when a billion years is suppressed in 40 seconds, a spectacular dance emerges », Comment Sabin Zahirovic, geographer and co-author Study On this tectonics. For the first time, these researchers have simulated Tectonic plates In a billion years!

The ” Brand new model Scientists Designed by these scientists, and summarized in 40 seconds of animation, Highlights Light The uprisings our planet has experienced. ” The oceans open Fermentation, The continents disintegrate from time to time and reunite to form massive supercontinents Sabin Jahivorik thinks. After all, reconstruction is reconnected Geographical periods By showing that these movements follow each other and are bonded together with the fluid. After completing this first phase, the researchers made their files available to their colleagues so that the scientific community could be formed. Modeling More and more comprehensive and coherent in the history of the earth.

An event-rich life

Based on our current data, this movement is unique Rock planets Known. This is one of the factors that allowed life to emerge. Because ” Geological processes such as plate tectonics provide a planetary survival pattern », Underscores the co-author Geologist Dietmar Mல்லller. This plate tectonics is responsible for, for example, cycles Carbon Is in the depths of the earth. But, in part, changes Sea level.

« The continents were everywhere at the right time “, Notes Michael Deadley, one of the authors, mentions it” Such placeAntarctic, Today we consider cold and icy, hospitable, was once a beautiful holiday destination at the equator “In other words,” This comprehensive model will help explain how our home, the planet Earth, became habitable for complex creatures », Avans Dietmar Mர்ller.