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WhatsApp, last hidden access to unknown contacts -

WhatsApp, last hidden access to unknown contacts –

From David Urietti

Thanks to this new improvement in terms of privacy, those of us who do not have a number or who have never exchanged messages – can not see our online status and last access.

Inability to know the online status of unknown contacts and the last default access: This is a new attempt Share To ensure greater user privacy. Revealed by WABetaInfo, This information will prevent contacts who do not have a number from us or who have not exchanged at least one message within the application.

Previously, WhatsApp’s default setting (accessible from Settings> Account> Privacy) was allowed Anyone to see online status and last login. However, for now, the application will control the visibility of this information and automatically set the function to my contacts. Users were the first to notice this change: on Twitter, some people noticed that they could not verify the last access of their contacts, so they asked for explanations.

In particular, the user wanted to answer those who were skeptical about the proper functioning of the @PsyColette application, By displaying the clarification email received from WhatsApp support. Thanks to the latter, we understand that The messaging service has introduced this new measure to enhance and ensure greater security for its users, It’s very difficult for people you do not know or have not yet chatted with to see your online status or last seen.

According to WABetaInfo, renewal is required on the basis of privacy Control the operation of some third-party applicationsAvailable on the App Store and Play Store. These apps can, in fact, record online status and the last access of selected contacts: although they are the only accessible information, some people use them to harass WhatsApp users. However, thanks to the latest update, these third-party applications will be severely limited.

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December 23, 2021 (Change December 23, 2021 | 14:58)