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Millions of Bluetooth and WiFi devices are threatened by security breaches

Millions of Bluetooth and WiFi devices are threatened by security breaches

Today, almost all smartphones and tablets have Bluetooth and WiFi. The technologies are different and although each protocol has its own protection, they often share hardware resources. Sharing these resources can help make devices more energy efficient, yet can also act as a gateway to launch attacks and gain privileges that are supposed to be inaccessible.

Team of researchers Under the protection of the University of Dormstad, Dormstad, Presia, CNIT and the Secure Mobile Networking Lab, it proved possible to steal passwords and handle chip traffic.
WiFi Via the Bluetooth components of a device. According to them, this problem affects millions of computers worldwide. Researchers note that attackers can use this flaw to run or steal malicious code

To take advantage of these vulnerabilities, the researchers implemented code on a Bluetooth chip. In this way, it was able to make lateral attacks on other chips in the device using shared memory resources.

How to protect yourself from these vulnerabilities?

Software updates can fix some vulnerabilities, while others can only be fixed by hardware review, so software updates may not fix all the security issues identified.

However, users can reduce the chance of getting infected by constantly updating their devices. Most manufacturers will release corrections for these defects. Another tip is to remove the pairs Bluetooth Unnecessary or rarely used. Finally, it is good to get rid of unnecessary wifi networks. In public places, it is better to use mobile networks than unknown WiFi.