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GianMaria Anthony unloads Sophie Kotkoni for Soleil Sorge at GF VP

GianMaria Anthony unloads Sophie Kotkoni for Soleil Sorge at GF VP

Does Gianmaria Antinolfi go to Soleil Sorz after saying no to Sophie Kotkoni? Twist GF VIP

This year The Big brother VP Full of love stories: Lulu Selassiè e Manuel Portusso Now they are happy after so many push and pull, Alex Belly And with the triangle Solail arises And his wife Telia Duran, Piaggio e Miriana.

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Not just the appeal Gianmaria Antinolphia e Sophie GodconI, because you still can not tell if you really like each other. Former Tronista Men and women He continues to call her Gianmaria Physically like it, But she could not see him in his reality as he waited to understand something.

A week ago, he stepped inside House Alessandro Passiano Who revealed a desire Towards சோலைல் e Sophie. The latter has become even more so Confusion And trying to figure out how to move and who her boyfriend might be.

Gianmaria, Meanwhile, quietly, he does not warm the chair, here comes a strange man. Attitude Towards சோலைல். Twist GF VIP!
Let’s see what happened together

The twist of the scene on the GF Vip: Is Gianmaria leaving Sophie Cotconi for the antinolfi solo stasis? “Fortunately you are

Gianmaria Antinolfi e Sophie Cotconi They were able to become more and more Intimate In House Of GF VIP. With the help of a little wine, the barriers were lowered and the two Giffinis exchanged many You kiss.

Gianmaria Antinolfi Soleil A twist arises
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Former Tronista Men and women Not sure with her choice and arrival Alessandro Passiano, There is more to Sophie Doubts.

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Gianmaria Antinolfi Do not waste time Live Of the last chapter GF VIP The ear is approaching சோலைல் And start a Comparison.
Fortunately you areNeopolitan businessman embraces Giffina and murmurs.

Whenever you likeResponds Concerns And continues: “மா I’m a fool I will continue to give you rope or help from there in any case. You know how much I care about some very subtle, weak things, and you had the attitude, I had things“.
Solail is Anger, Because Gianmaria is not close to the moment she is Crisis With Alex Belly.

Gieffino responds immediately: “But you are provoking!“And she:”I motivate because it is part of my role. Then you first Play dual game: One day I love you, the next day you say to me ‘I hate you’
Yes, but you are motivated. It’s normal to tease yourself. Next time I give raspberries“Counters Gianmaria

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Solail is Disappointment From his behavior: “No, but not really next time, because you last told me I would never be your friend again. Now I do not know why I am here“.

GianMaria smiled and approached Soleil’s ear Whispers: “Because we are all better off at Christmas“.

Not true, you saw it here. Everything is fake. Because you know me, and you know my weak human side: I can not help those I love.Solail disagreed.

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Gianmaria tells her that he loves her, and that she knows that feeling is mutual on Giffina’s side.
Soleil disagrees: Believes Antinolfi did not behave like a friend when she did He was crying Per Alex Belly.

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The boy explains that he wants to do it, but does not do it to avoid arguments, and says: “I regret it And do you know why? Because It was not me. Gianmaria will come to speak. When I do something against myself, I feel sorry for myself“.

Gianmaria Antinolphia Is getting closer and closer சோலைல் She did not miss the opportunity. With the release Alex Belly, The influencer has difficulty creating new bonds and Ziffino fell into his network.
When Sophie Cotconi He wondered what to do and became friends again சோலைல், She uses the opportunity to win again Gianmaria e Flirt With Alessandro All under the watchful eye GF VIP