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WhatsApp Introduces New Emoji Function: This is how it is

WhatsApp Introduces New Emoji Function: This is how it is

In the new beta version of WhatsApp, the first signs that users will be able to respond directly to text messages with emojis in the future were “,” he said.WaBetainfo

This functionality is already a part of everyday life on Twitter, Instagram and Microsoft teams: you can use an emoji to signal what you think of the post author of a message. In the future, these emoji reactions may also be introduced in WhatsApp chats.

Meanwhile, WABetaInfo has discovered a first look at the new process. As usual in the competition, reactions will appear on the bottom right of the message. Apparently there are three different reactions: one laughs, one is sad and one is surprised. You can see the screenshot for this under this section.

WhatsApp: Emoji reactions in Messenger are like this

WhatsApp users can quickly respond to messages with emojis.


WhatsApp is currently running on automatic message received by a user who has not installed the new update. “You’ve got a reaction. Update your WhatsApp version and see the reaction”, then read in gray letters in the chat. Update is also attached.

WhatsApp promises further steps to follow this first automated SMS in the next few weeks. It is not clear whether the emoji reactions in the final version of Messenger will be the same as in the screenshot above. Basically, it can be assumed that WhatsApp will cause one or another change based on user reactions. The most recent updates will reveal more about it later.

In addition, the Messenger service states that those scheduled emoji reactions are also scheduled for iOS and the web / desktop.

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