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Todi Festival 2021. Download the pdf of Infinito Futuro

Todi Festival 2021. Download the pdf of Infinito Futuro

For the fourth year, a theater and critique workshop is being conducted through the Todi Festival and Todi of Criticism. From 28 August to 5 September 2021 we will be distributing the paper based information and critical newspaper “Infinito Fuchoro” prepared with our vision. Lab writing. Review. Here are all the pdfs

Photo by Martina Questi

“Against disaster” and “Rise from the ground”: this is what theater is for. This is how we begin at Infinito Fuchoro, which tells us what will happen during the Todi festival for another year (fourth, us). Our intermediate and wide-ranging editorial staff talk about art in the car, among the greenery around Lake Corbara, through the upward streets, in the sky with your throat and breath, perhaps even one of the many paintings painted scattered around the buildings between the bricks and the empty and full spaces of Arnoldo Pomodoro; A piece of Al Testo cake in one hand and a glass of crescendo in the other. Furthermore, we will try to reverse this material and imaginative shortcut of speaking and writing, thus turning theater, dance, music, art into a milder means against disasters, which is the edge of this painful wound. For the theater, we begin with a call to put together all of our doubts and desires and collect the truth that has been outlined between the fictions. In this first issue, Strange as it may seem, Salads and Challenge: This is what Art Director Eugenio Quartzi and Roberto Picelli, director of the Todi Review, talk about that mild character needed to take the plane.
Viviana Receipt

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[L’editoriale del primo numero]

Download all pdfs of Infinito Futuro 2021 here:

No. 1 – 08/28/2021

No. 2 – 08/29/2021

No. 3 – 08/30/2021

No. 4 – 08/31/2021

No. 5 – 01/09/2021

No. 6 – 02/09/2021

No. 7 – 03/09/2021

No. 8 – 04/09/2021

No. 9 – 05/09/2021 (Crossword Solutions will be loaded soon)

Infinite future
News and Review of Dodi Festival Newspaper – Year 4

Compiled by Theater and Critics – | www.todif | [email protected]

Infinito Futuro is part of the TeatroeCriticaLAB training program and is the result of a workshop hosted by Viviana Receipt

In the editorial office

Madilde Cordivo, Selena Frozen, Martina Cousteau, Elenora Luciani, Bianca Volby

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