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China wants to build a one-kilometer-long spacecraft

China wants to build a one-kilometer-long spacecraft

China swallows more space ambitions … Documents Published by the Mathematical Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Beijing plans to build Space sites More than a kilometer ” Future use of space resources, key strategic space equipment to explore the mysteries of the universe and longevity in orbit By comparison, the International Space Station (ISS) is 110 meters long and costs $ 150 billion.

Residence or solar power station

Although still unclear, the project could accomplish a number of functions, such as operating as a space telescope, conducting unmanned missions, or operating as a vast solar power plant that transmits energy to Earth. Via Microwave beams. Technology Already tested by the US military And carried out by China last August Microwave transmission tests From a balloon at an altitude of 300 meters. One may wonder about the possibilities of such a Jagannath. Of course, it is not possible to send such a mass at once. The Falcon Heavy Rocket, one of the most powerful to date, can only carry a maximum of 63 tons of cargo. The International Space Station, which weighs approximately 2,800 tons, has been in operation for many years.

New construction techniques in orbit

For Mason Beck, an engineer at Cornell University and former technical director of NASA, the project is very realistic. ” I do not see insurmountable obstacles, but rather problems of scale », He explains to the site Direct science. It all depends on the usage of the structure: ” If we talk about something that is too long and not too heavy [qu’une structure habitée], Its …

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