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WhatsApp, Final Goodbye: Reasons for the decision

WhatsApp, Final Goodbye: Reasons for the decision

The number of users on WhatsApp is declining, which is happening for a number of reasons. So let’s see what happens.

Problem with a new message application (via screenshot)

In the last few years Share Has proven to be at the forefront of instant messaging, however something has changed in recent months. The application actually started Delete multiple accounts. Everything will be motivated by the new privacy policy in place. But other users may have chosen to drop Colossus Menlo Park Due to many more ‘Phishing scams

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Behind this decline of WhatsApp, which still has two billion active users today, will be fierce competition Telegraph. In fact, more and more users would have suddenly returned to the blue platform. According to users, in fact, there will be an application by Pavel Dro More functions, But above all it enjoys something Security Big and not small. Now we need to understand how WhatsApp will respond to this negative moment.

WhatsApp, now you can enter an active video call: How to do it

WhatsApp News
Another feature that comes with the messaging processor (via screenshot)

That doesn’t stop me from wondering Share, Which is surprisingly ready to launch another operation. In fact, it will be possible within the application as soon as possible Enter calls and video calls Has already begun. Announced by the Chairman Facebook group, Mark Zuckerberg, With a post posted on his social profiles. The arrival of the new feature is immediate and will be available to users worldwide starting next Monday.

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Before the last update, the only way to join the call is to respond to the on-screen notification. Instead, it is possible with the update See who’s on call, Can users Add yourself to the ongoing conversation. Obviously this update is about group calls and will restart the tool you have already seen Instagram. Let’s see what changes are in the application.